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What XR Should Be in 2023

XR is being brought to the public again after Apple announced their new XR headset, Apple Vision Pro. However, Apple is hesitant about this product as, during WWDC, no one other than those featured in the promotion video was seen wearing it. The reason is obvious: using a computer that covers your face in front of a camera is weird (not to mention that it ..

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Folder Content Copy Script with Filter Option

This script is designed to copy the contents of a folder, including sub-folders, to a new destination path. The user is prompted to enter the source path, the destination path, and a filter word to exclude certain files based on their names. @echo off echo This script copy everything inside a folder to a new path, containing sub-folders. echo. set /p tar..

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Localhost Issue in WSL2

I was attempting to build a remote debugger for an embedded device when I had no access to a physical device. As a solution, I decided to try using Docker (with the WSL2 backend). In the project’s design, the 9090 UDP port was supposed to be used for communication between the host and the slave. However, it appeared that using ‘localhost’ or ‘’ di..

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Fix Un-allowed DMA capable bus/device(s) detected

Windows 8 and later have a function named “Device Encryption”. It allows Windows to automatically enable BitLocker for local disks and unlock them at startup. However, if you are using a DIY rig or have changed/added some hardware to your OEM machine, this feature might be broken. Therefore, we need to add those devices to the whitelist to re-enable the fe..

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Windows 11 & Forgy

原来还有许多人关注着 Frogy 这个项目。一天有人突然发邮件给我说,他从 0.0.5 更新至 0.0.9 时打开控制台会闪退,于是我又短暂找回了两三个月之前那种热情完成了一次敏捷 debug 。虽然后面马上发现有问题,立刻又被迫发布了一版 0.0.11 。 Windows 11 的 ISO 也在昨晚泄露了。遥想当年,Windows 8 开发者预览版的时候我还是一个不会装系统,用洛克王国官图当壁纸的小孩,熬夜顶着 200 kb/s 的 ADSL 下载了第一个 Windows insider 。然后乐此不疲地解决着 Windows 8 的各种问题,欣然接受开始屏幕,在应用商店发掘有趣的小 app 。也是这个时候知道了 Windows phone 和小娜。 有幸在初三的时候到了人生地不熟的小城市念书,低压的学习..

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Compile Latest OpenCV on Ubuntu

Compiling OpenCV can vary depending on the platform. In this demonstration, I will be using Ubuntu. However, these steps are mostly the same for any other distribution, with the only differences being the package manager and the package names. Retrieve OpenCV source codeThis shell command retrieve the most recent OpenCV version number from the GitHub API a..

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